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All Business visitors may schedule a meeting with interesting exhibitors of Ukrainian Food Expo in advance online. All meetings will take place in the Business Zone. To make an appointment:
  • Identify interesting companies (the list of exhibitors is presented below)
  • Click the "Assign an appointment" icon in front of the company name
  • Offer a meeting time and send the registration form by clicking the "Assign" button


  • To assign a meeting, you must specify your unique ID code (7 digits) from the Business Visitor Invitation. If you are not registered yet, please register
  • The dates of appointment of meetings can only be the dates of the Ukrainian Food Expo: November 23-24, 2017




Equipment, products and services from 27 companies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will be presented at the Dutch Pavilion of the trade show Ukrainian Food Expo. In order to schedule a meeting with a representative of any of these companies at the trade show, you have to select the position "Dutch Pavilion" in the list above. Here are the descriptions of business activities of all the 27 companies.